We’re delighted that more and more filmmakers are choosing to feature our partner communities in documentary films. This page is dedicated to honoring filmmakers who have made a significant commitment to raising awareness of global Jewish communities. As well as sharing their professional-quality work, we also maintain a YouTube channel [link] with footage from professionals and amateurs, organized by community and theme.

Here are some of the filmmakers who have released new documentaries in the past year; we encourage you to explore their work which really brings to life the individuals and communities who we support here at Kulanu.

  • Gabrielle Zilka

Director/producer of “Doing Jewish: A Story From Ghana” [link to] – view the trailer on YouTube [link to].

  • Joshua Kristal & Schneur Menaker

Directors of “Journey to Judaism” – view the full film on YouTube [link to].

  • Irene Orleansky

Director of “Baj El: The Hidden Jews of Ethiopia” [link to] – view the trailer on Vimeo [link to].

  • Jeff Lieberman

Director of “Re-Emerging: The Jews of Nigeria” [link to] – view the trailer on YouTube [link to]

  • Laurence Gavron

Director of “Black Jews: The Roots of the Olive Tree” – view the trailer on YouTube [link to]